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What is 'Letters From A Mother' ?

This started out as me writing all of the things I want to say to my children.

The ways I long to love them, the ways I wasn't able to love them

due to my own humanness,

and all the ways they deserve to be loved.

Then I realized it was something much bigger.

These are letters to me from my mother,

to you from your mother, these are the things our mothers wanted to say to us,

but weren't always able to, because we didn't have the language.

These are the things the heart of every mother feels and wants for her children, but

because we live in a broken world, many of our hearts are buried under pain and fear.

We may be gone, or we are sick, or we are barely surviving with the resources we have.

We are repeating patterns from our hurting mothers, we are battling our own demons,

in many ways we have not loved you the way you deserve to be loved,

but God knows we wanted to.

Underneath all of our human limitations, our hearts burn for you.

We love you so much.

You are perfect. You are our joy. You are our delight.

You are loved simply because you exist.

Let these words sing over.

Let these words nurture you.

Let these words heal you.

Let these words liberate you.

There is nothing quite like the love of a Mother.

And somewhere in time, if not here and now today,

somewhere in the fabric of eternity,

your mother loves you.

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