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The transformation begins when you say, yes

3 Month Expedition: Explore Your Inner World and Discover Your Authentic Self

At the core of who you are is Compassion, Curiosity, Courage, Clarity, Creativity, and Calm. When you learn how to live from THIS place- life becomes a magical playground where ANYTHING is possible. Together we break through anything that is keeping you from connecting to that rich, beautiful wisdom within.  You are pure Genius, I help you discover it. 

Year Long Mentorship

You are being called into a deeper transformation. Perhaps you're experiencing an Identify, Midlife, or Existential Crisis. You sense your life shifting in big directions, you're no longer sure what the purpose is or how to find meaning. You have a creative longing awakening and a hunger to burn everything down and start new. I walk with you and help you navigate your journey so that you feel held , celebrated, and supported the whole way. 

Pink Sand

3 month Expedition

Experience the Transformative Power of Self-Discovery. Build Your Confidence, Find Your Voice, Unleash Your Creativity, and Heal Your Relationships. 3 months of intimate, private mentorship to help you step into your most Authentic Self.

  • Learn how to recognize and love (yes! love) your inner bully

  • Learn how to use self-compassion instead of judgment to break your negative patterns

  • Gain confidence and overcome Imposter Syndrome

  • Access more creativity 

  • Feel better in your body

  • Stop being so hard on yourself 

  • Discover your unique strengths and gifts

  • Find freedom from the past

  • Heal your emotions 

  • Decrease stress and anxiety 

  • Be more kind to the people you love 

  • Learn to recognize and trust your intuition


  • Get rid of guilt, for good 

Above the Clouds

Year Long Mentorship

Let me walk with you through the most transformative Year of your Life 

You are being called into something're finding yourself haunted by thoughts like..'what is the point? what does all of this mean? who am I and will I ever feel at peace? ' , then you are being invited into a journey of self-discovery and the more we resist it, the louder anxiety, depression, and hopelessness get. We can try to outrun it by turning to meaningless things, or we can face the VOID. When we surrender to the call, we find what we've been seeking. It can be terrifying because we don't know what we will discover, but that is where I come in to walk with you, to help guide you, making sure you feel grounded, supported, and held as you do the work to find out who you truly ARE. Although it's intense, the journey is exhilarating! You are coming to LIFE. It gets to be FUN and I make sure we stop to rest when needed, and always pause to celebrate the beautiful unfolding that is happening in you. 

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