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My Happiness Is My Job

So… realize you are not responsible for my happiness, right?

I know, I know, we mothers love so hard that the lines

between us blur, often.

And I often get your feelings

confused with my feelings.

But I am responsible for my own happiness.

As are you.

I do not need you to be OK to be OK.

I am strong, wise, and able to make my own

choices for how I want to feel, and how I want to

get my needs met.

If I chose to make my happiness reliant on

you, that's on me.

That's not on you.

Do not carry the burden of my emotions.

Your role is not to make me happy.

That is far too great of a burden for any one person to bear.

Go. Be. Do. Explore. Fail. Suffer. Play. Love. Hate. Grow.

And take responsibility for your own happiness too.



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