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I met Becca in a Mastermind last year. We did some peer coaching and I didn’t want to stop (so we didn’t)! I love being coached by Becca, she is intuitive, and holds space with so much love and safety. Every time I’ve coached with Becca she has allowed me to explore and uncover new and profound realisations. She offers beautiful insights that I take away to reflect on and deepen the coaching experience. I highly recommend Becca, she is a coach of integrity whose gentle approach offers deep transformation.

Nicky Hammond, Master Certified Life Coach

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Rebecca has been instrumental in stepping back into my creativity (namely writing) and in working with my emotions in a whole new way. The emotional acceptance sessions have really blown my mind.
I've always been a believer of the mind body connection, and emotions stored in the tissues, but now that I've experienced the processing and release of some of my old ones, my understanding is at a whole new level.
Rebecca holds such safe space for deep, life-changing work to be done. She is warm and professional. I'd recommend this completely unique experience to anyone desiring release from old patterns.

Tiffany Skidmore

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Rebecca helped me to find the motivation I needed to take the next step in opening my non-profit foundation for business! Thank you, Rebecca!

Cynthia Schaffer Campbell

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Rebecca is a gifted intuitive. I am so grateful for the powerful reading I received from her. It was so clear, made so much sense, answered so many questions. It was easy to connect with her, trust her and open up. Anyone that has the opportunity to work with her will be amazed by her abilities and spirit. I can't wait to work with her again.

Andrea Matteson