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Master Certified Transformational Coach

I always felt like I was missing something. I struggled for years to feel better. I had tried everything and I kept coming back to this dark, lonely place where I just felt broken. 
I struggled with addictions, depression, and feeling so disconnected from myself. 
7 years after divorce, I decided to stop fighting myself and try something new. 
That’s when I discovered the miraculous healing power of surrender and returning to myself with love and compassion. I went inward and transformed years of self-defeating stories, inner bully behavior, and people-pleasing. When I stopped being at war with myself and learned how to work WITH myself, that’s when my life truly began to transform at the core level. THAT is when Desire awakened. The struggles disappeared and I discovered who I was. I began to experience peace, joy, and energy for the first time. The change in me was nothing short of a miracle and it is my life’s passion to take others on the same journey. I am here to help alleviate your suffering and help you step into 
the most powerful and radiant version of yourself. If you're ready to do this work, click the link below if you're ready to master your own practice of self-compassion!

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