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self-love doesn't come naturally, we have to learn it

What is the sound of your inner bully? We all have one. Sometimes they tear us down with violent insults, sometimes they demand perfection and never let us rest, sometimes they remind us over and over of our failures and weaknesses, sometimes they convince us that no one will ever love us, we'll never be happy, and everyone else is better than us. Whatever flavor your inner bully is, when we do the work to transform that voice into one of kindness and compassion, we finally get to experience the peace and freedom that we long for. What would your life be like if you were enough, right now, exactly as you are? How would it feel to not only stop trying to fix yourself, but to actually LOVE those parts of you that you want to fix? 
For me, learning to love myself meant I could finally feel at home in my own body. I could be alone and be OK. I could fail and quickly get back up. I could drop bad habits that were harming me. I could pursue my dreams. My relationships improved, my health improved and I LIKE who I'm being in the world. 

Loving yourself is better for EVERYONE. 

It's not easy to do, but it can be learned. And I can teach you how. 

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