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Intro to 'Letters From A Mother

This is a collection of letters from a Mother.

But not just from me to my children.

Within these pages are all of the the things your

mother wanted to say to you, but wasn't able to.

This is the love she has for you, but for reasons unknown

was unable to allow it to flow through her and into you.

This is the love you deserve.

The love you have always deserved.

This is the love of a mother.

I write on behalf of all mothers because not a single one of

us doesn't carry some pain of regret for things said or unsaid.

We are human, after all. Messily navigating life, doing the best we

can, the best we are able, while trying to reconcile our own


Some of these letters are to my children.

Some of these letters are what I needed my mother to say to me,

and what she needed her mother to say to her.

Some of these letters are channeled from mothers who don't

have a voice, either because they've passed to the next

realm or they are so trapped in their pain and suffering

they cannot share the love that is deep within them.

All mothers love their children.

You may have had a horrible mother who inflicted nothing but pain,

but trust me, underneath all of her own pain and suffering,

she did love you. She just didn't know how to access it.

May these letters heal your thirsty heart.

We all need the love of a mother.

Yesterday, Today, and Forever.



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