we live in a disconnected world
we are taught early to dissociate from ourselves, to not trust our intuition, to push our desire so far down, we sometimes don't even know who we are 

you're right, there is more

Hello Love,


I see you. You have overcome so much.

You’re surprised by your own strength.

You’re the strongest person you know and you would do anything for the people you love.

Nothing is more important to you than showing up for them.

In fact, that’s often what’s kept you going when you feel like quitting.


But you can’t escape this heaviness that something is off.

You’ve tried changing your diet, going to therapy, volunteering, maybe explored some different hobbies.


Nothing quite fills that void or gives you any relief from the ache in your soul that is just So. Painful.

You feel guilty for not being happier.

You feel bad that you can’t just relax and enjoy life.

So you find yourself bouncing from bad habit to bad habit, which only makes you beat yourself up more.


You think, ‘What is wrong with me??

Will I ever just feel OK?!’

You’re one step away from an illicit affair, or telling your boss to fuck off, or running away to Bali.


Life is frustrating and you kinda want to burn the whole thing down.

You wonder if you’re crazy. You wonder if you’re just broken.

Maybe this is as good as it gets ….

you're not crazy 

And you’re not broken.
You didn’t choose the wrong path.
You’ve just lost connection with the truth of who you are. 

You have been in survival mode for most of your life and in order to keep going, you’ve had to betray your own feelings, needs, and wants. 

In order to protect yourself from pain, you had to hide the vulnerable parts of yourself.

Those sacred parts that hold your dreams, your desires,

your blueprint to a passionate and fulfilling life. 


You’re not gone, just forgotten.


And the GOOD NEWS is that you don’t need to fix anything, be more disciplined, or do better in order to find your way back home.

In fact, you don’t have to change anything about your life at all to find yourself again. 


You simply need to stop running and start listening to your own heart. 


All the answers you seek are right in front of you. Everything you need to know to heal your life, 

Ignite your desires, and experience total transformation is already inside of you. 

We just need to untangle all of the false beliefs that have held you prisoner and reveal the truth of who you are. 


And that’s exactly what we do inside Desire School.

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