we live in a disconnected world
we are taught early to dissociate from ourselves, to not trust our intuition, to push our desire so far down, we sometimes don't even know who we are 

Welcome to Desire School 

Have you ever felt like something is missing? 

I did. I spent most of my life trying to fix what I thought was wrong with me, searching outside of myself for something that would make me feel whole. 
I felt dead on the inside. No passion, no direction. I couldn't envision my future, and the unknown terrified me. I had no idea what I wanted, I just knew I wanted more than what I was currently experiencing.

Let your Desire be your Teacher

I wasn't missing anything. Everything I sought was already within me, I just needed to learn how to listen. 

The Desires of your heart are the blueprint to your soul. When you learn how to access Desire, unleash it, dance with it, you can trust it to lead you to your best life.

Many of us are completely disconnected from our Desire. We were programmed not to trust what we want, to not expect too much, to put everyone else's desires first. We believe the lie that to WANT is selfish, inconvenient, greedy. We have been heartbroken so we decide we'd rather not want anything than feel the pain of disappointment again. We judge our desires as wrong or silly and we cut ourselves off from the very things that make us feel alive. 

No MORE. In Desire School, we learn how to identify those long, lost desires and let them guide you into being fully alive. We let them teach you who you truly are.  

Your Desires are GOOD. Your Desires are HOLY. 
Your Desires are your pathway to YOU.
Let's discover them, shall we? 


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