Self-Love Coaching


I help people find inner peace, purpose, and abundant life by restoring their relationship to their Self

because loving yourself is
foundational to everything else
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What would it feel like to unconditionally love yourself? 

For me, it feels like coming home


We live in a world where we are told self-love is selfish.

We're taught to deny our feelings, our needs, & our desires. 

We falsely believe that if we prioritize ourselves, it is at the expense of everyone else. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

When I developed lavish love for myself, I became LESS selfish, MORE generous, I had MORE to give, and I feel like I'm overflowing with abundance to offer the world.

A deep self-love is foundational to all other things in your life.

If you want more confidence, more purpose, more peace, more abundance, more patience, more creativity, better relationships, more joy, and more to give, learning how to Love Yourself is the first and thing you need to do. 

I'm Rebecca, and I'm here to teach you

how to lavishly love yourself  

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