My why: To heal the world with Love


I spent many, many years in self-betrayal.

This meant I denied who I was in order to be who I THOUGHT was acceptable.

I ignored my needs, my feelings, and my desires.  I judged myself harshly and couldn't receive praise or love. I didn't trust people's intentions and I was full of shame.  

I didn’t nourish myself and I was trapped an endless cycle of compulsive behavior, trying to feel better.

I was manipulative and passive aggressive, because I had no idea how to ask for what I needed. I said Yes when I wanted to say No. I didn't have boundaries. I didn't honor or value myself. I didn't invest in myself. I would look in the mirror and have no idea who the person was looking back at me. 

When I healed my relationship with myself and began to accept myself unconditionally, everything changed. 

I found myself happier and I discovered a deep inner peace. My addictions faded away. My relationships became more authentic and I enjoyed my family more. I am so much more present and I'm able to listen deeply. I have infinitely better sex with my partner. I feel loved and I'm able to receive without guilt. My creativity exploded. 

My dreams came out of hiding and I feel a sense of purpose and excitement for my future. I feel abundant, I feel unstoppable. I feel whole and healed and deeply known. 

It may seem like making your relationship with yourself top priority is a selfish thing to do.

But 100% guarantee it is the most loving and generous thing you can do for the people around you. 

I want this for EVERYONE. It is my passion to help others experience the healing, liberating power of lavishly loving yourself. 

©2018 by Rebecca Stark Coaching