Why Desire School ?

Desire School is something I created to help people find the freedom and confidence to fully be themselves and create the life they want. 

It was born from my own journey towards self-discovery and wholeness. 

When I stopped 'trying' to be someone who I thought was good enough and I started listening to what my heart was trying so desperately to reveal to me,

I found my way home. 

I stopped fighting with myself and focusing on all of the things I needed to change, and I started paying attention to my bigger Desires. 

The more I made room for my true desire in my life, the more I transformed into the person I was made to BE. 

We each have very unique desires placed within us that will lead us into the life we were created for. When we learn how to identify them, allow ourselves to want them, and commit to receiving them, our life becomes beautiful and miraculous beyond our wildest dreams. 

Desire School is here to help you discover who you are, and equip you everything you need to step into the most powerful version of YOU.