The Process

We take a good, hard look at your current circumstances and discover exactly what you are believing to be true about your life that is keeping you stuck.


We discover the unconscious patterns that you keep recreating that are causing you pain and suffering. 


Instead of shaming and judging the behaviors you don’t like, we use them as clues to discover what you TRULY long for. 


We bring compassion and love to ALL the parts of you, even those parts that you are certain are not loveable. 


We explore your desires (good OR bad) and we follow them like breadcrumbs to find your 

Purpose here on earth. 


We celebrate YOU and everything you’ve done to come this far in life and you are blown away by just how resourceful, powerful, and strong you are. 


You realize that those things you thought were your weakness are actually your superpowers and the very things that make you able to do the work you are here to do.