6 Month Incubator

6 months to Liberate Your Inner Genius


In this 6 month private coaching experience, we go in deep and discover 

  • Who You currently Believe you ARE

  • Who You Desire To Be and What Is Your Purpose 

  • What’s Stopping You From Creating the Life you Want

  • Exactly How to Step Powerfully Into That Life


Each incubator is different because it is designed specifically for YOU.

You are unlike any other BEING on this PLANET, so cookie-cutter coaching

And predetermined systems are not gonna work to unleash your INNER GENIUS.

This program will be curated to YOUR soul. 


Some of the things we might do together:

  • Explore Your Limiting Beliefs and Rewire Them

  • Awaken and Nurture Your Inner Artist

  • Collapse Space and Time so that you can have what you want NOW

  • Play, Explore, Create, Discover, Dance, Paint, Write, Dream

  • Get into your body and learn how to manage your emotions

  • Lose Anxiety and Fear of the Unknown

  • Create Inner alignment- where your outsides match your insides

  • Abandon Old Thought Patterns that keep getting you the same LAME results

  • Map out Your Destiny Life

  • Change the WORLD